Patients have a right to voice concerns regarding their care. Please ask any member of your care team for any help you require and for prompt resolution of your concerns.

Additional communication options

You may also use our special Caring Connection telephone numbers to voice concerns regarding care:

You can also Contact Us.


Conflicts regarding admission, treatment and/or discharge that arise between the hospital and any patient or guardian, either in writing or verbal, and not promptly resolved in the above manner shall be resolved and enforced through the following procedure:
  • Conflicts shall be brought to the attention of the appropriate department head or clinical director who shall serve as the focal point representing the hospital in resolution.
  • The attending physician shall be notified immediately of significant conflict and will be given every opportunity to participate in resolution of conflicts.
  • Questions of a legal nature, such as emancipation, will be referred to our Risk Management department for clarification or management of a legal decision.
  • Unresolved management issues will be referred to the administrator of the department involved or the administrator on duty.
  • In those cases where conflicts persist or the case itself presents ethical concerns, an Ethics Consultation can be called. Consultations may be requested, at any time, by any member of the health care team, patients, or patients' designated decision-makers by calling the Caring Connection phone numbers and requesting the Ethics Consultant.
  • Every effort shall be undertaken to continue contact with the family or patient by the same hospital representative and the rights of the patient shall be preserved and enforced in every circumstance.

If you have concerns/complaints that were not addressed, you may report them to:

Office of Licensure and Certification

DNV Healthcare