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Clinical Expertise for Women in Every Stage of Life

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Women tend to take care of everyone else first, but your team at Riverside will make your health our priority. Making sure the women in our lives are healthy and well should be your top priority, too. For all women, Riverside specialists provide expert medical care for any and every need, across every stage of life, including:

  • Young girls
  • Teens
  • Young women
  • Child-bearing
  • Midlife
  • Menopause
  • Seniors

Team-based approach to care for women of all ages

For your general OB-GYN care, Riverside provides clinical expertise for routine annual gynecology exams or more complex care for gynecologic surgery or gynecologic oncology. Gynecologists,  certified nurse midwives and nurse practitioners all provide GYN care, including everything from yearly exams to contraception planning to menopause or hormone replacement therapy. 

Our collaborative approach to care means that your Riverside team brings together any clinical specialist needed for your individual needs and specific health conditions. We work closely with your primary care physician and specialists to ensure your overall health is on track, including:

Labor and delivery providers set best-in-class standards 

When you choose Riverside for your maternity needs, our entire team works together for complete support throughout your entire pregnancy. Our group of obstetricians, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners get to know each of our patients so new Moms are comfortable and secure in their labor and delivery planning. Your Riverside team also provides education on skin-to-skin bonding and infant feeding for immediate connection with your baby. 

For any Riverside location you choose, our well-established maternity services team provides consistent and coordinated care. Because our team has worked together for so many years, you will experience standards of excellence and best practice protocols across our entire healthcare system. 

Hospital-based diagnostic imaging excellence  

For any imaging services needed, our Riverside Health System network provides best-in-class imaging technology and expert analysis. Board-certified radiologists and interventional neuroradiologists deliver accurate and rapid diagnosis for your specific issues or conditions. Because all images are taken at Riverside convenient locations, results are available more quickly through our EPIC electronic medical record system. These factors play a critical role in collaboration and communication between primary care doctors and specialists involved in your care. 

Women specifically benefit from advanced diagnostic imaging services at Riverside. We provide exceptional image clarity through 3-dimensional rotating views, advanced CT scanners and biplane imaging for any need, including breast and gynecologic imaging.

Count on Riverside for women’s health quality care

Ensure your health is a priority with the expert care for women from the Riverside team. For more information or to answer any questions, contact us at 757-316-5115. 

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